two birds one stone

..checked out “two birds one stone” cafe in south yarra this weekend. nice fit-out. great service. good vibe.. although it was a little hard to appreciate given how busy it was.

..there’s a nice review with lots of pretty pics at Brunch Addict

here’s a token one from me.. don’t get used to it as clearly i have no idea how to use instagram ..or a camera.

apple cake and coffee at Two Birds One Stone

i’ve never been a fan of the béarnaise sauce on eggs benedict myself. ..but, although my spidey sense was tingling i gave it a try. i really shouldn’t fly in the face of that fourth sense of mine. It was ok, but still a bit too rich for me.

apple cake was nice. coffee was very good. on a scale from 1 (any chain store coffee) to 10 (Duchess of Spotswood) I’d give it a 9.

popped in again on sunday and had the toasted banana bread with dates, cream and a third thing. good.

only opened recently so unless you go very early, or late you’ll be in for a wait. it’s directly opposite “Duttons sporting cars” so guessing i’ll be spending a bit more time here.

Some more photos from subsequent visits..

Open chicken sandwich

Camellias on communal table

two birds one stone
12 Claremont St South Yarra

two birds one stone on Urbanspoon


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