Not the Cru, the Cru !

..the Craw/Claw ? Get Smart ?? ..anyone ??? ok, yeah.. a bit of a stretch i guess.

That awkwardness aside, i’m actually talking about Cru cafe that has recently opened in Kew.

Arrived at around 11:45am on a Saturday and of course it was jam packed. It’s a small place and with less people/noise i believe it would be very pleasant given it had the two things i look for in all cafes.. green jars and miniature antique chinese wooden receipt boxes.

Like green jars ? ..this place has ’em all.

Around 30 minutes in and i was still waiting for my food. There was a guy next to me at the bar who had been there since i arrived and still waiting for his food. I’m guessing he had arrived sometime yesterday. I could see him eyeing off one of the sweets in the tray right in front of us in a desperate attempt to stop from chewing his own arm off..
Guy: “Could i have one of the friands please ?”
Staff: “Sure. Would you like me to heat..”
Guy: “NO !!” *place goes unforeseeably quiet for a moment* ..he recovers “I mean, uhh, no thanks ..just ..give it straight to me ..thanks” temperature will be fine.

Another 15 minutes goes past before my food arrives. I had ordered the “Stop 80” a mini egg and bacon roll. Unfortunately they had run out of the mini buns and so i got a full size bun. Once i finished my journey to the centre of the bun to find the fillings it was quite nice. I also had the fruit with date labna and toasted quinoa.

Whoaaa that’s good labna. Pity there was only a spoonful hiding under the poached pear.

Coffee was a bit of a disappointment .what was left of it in my cup when it arrived. I’d give it a 7 on the DoS scale.

I actually like the feel of this place a lot. They just need to get rid of half the diners, or hire another chef or two to improve the wait time. *imagining the chef back there frantically trying to keep up brought to mind this Lucy classic..

As usual, if you want nice pictures and a proper review check out I’m So Hungry

916 Glenferrie Road
Kew, 3101

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2 responses to “Not the Cru, the Cru !

  1. You are awesome AND very funny…..( yes. I have been drinking, but still v funny) …..BTW re camera post, who is DD – in case am not the only one who doesnt know ( or was that in bleu, meaning I should have used technology to find out…..x

    • thanks.. Catherine, was it ? i encourage drinking before reading anything on this site. after all, why should reading it be any different to writing it ? *hiccup*
      DD = Don Draper of course

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