The Leica Equation

Good design is hard to resist, isn’t it. And the Germans seem to be particularly good at it. Here’s another example..

1969 porsche 912

But back to the cameras..

I’m seriously considering taking up photography just as an excuse to own one of these cameras. I may even grow to enjoy taking.. what-a-ya-call-em I don’t even know if Leica cameras take good pictures. I hear they do, but it doesn’t really matter.

Plenty of people seem to be hooked on photographing life rather than living it. Or maybe they’re doing both. I’m doing neither right now. So this could be a good first step to ..something.

I like to explain things via equations. I’m not sure why as i’ve never been very good at maths ..or english ..which makes it quite difficult to combine both of those 3 things. Nevertheless, here it is:

“Perfection decreases exponentially in proportion to time or motion”

I’m sure that doesn’t hold up under any kind of intelligent scrutiny. Just assume it does. You also need to assume that you can capture perfection in the first place. And that’s where the camera comes in. It’s basically a device for capturing perfection. Or at least trying to. Or maybe that’s just me. Maybe people are taking pictures just to capture a family moment, or tell a story ..or show an open chicken sandwich with pancetta, walnuts and micro watercress leaves. Those people are on the right track. The perfection track is a road to nowhere and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Speaking of tracks, let’s try and get back on it with another photo..
leica 4

As Don once said.. “At last, something beautiful you can truly own”.

leica 5

All photos from here.


One response to “The Leica Equation

  1. You are awesome – love this
    ( is this how people talk that leave comments……….I actually really do love it)

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