Thornbury. Yes, it’s a suburb apparently. I can’t tell you where it is exactly. I just punched it into the sat nav and the car (somewhat reluctantly) found it’s way there. (Note I also now have a new appreciation for the “Home” key on the same device).

Lowlands has a nice courtyard out the back so i wandered out, saw a cat sitting and staring pensively into outer space and thought i’d join him.

How high do you reckon that beam is ?

..you don’t think i can get up there, do you ?

This place had a weird vibe. Weird is not the word. Different. In fact, the whole suburb felt a little strange ..to me. Maybe it has something to do with it lying so low ..in the land. Maybe the air is too thick. It almost felt like I was in a play. Surrounded by actors. (Character actors it would have to be said) Have you seen the tv series “V” ?

Ok, maybe that’s taking it too far. Let’s stick to the Play analogy.

Anyway, I tried the french toast with whipped ricotta and sour cherries as it had been well reviewed. Now, I’m not French. But isn’t french toast supposed to be at least a little crunchy ? no ? ok. how about warm ? Nevertheless, whilst it did look amazing it didn’t quite live up to that potential. It’s sort of like the Sharon Stone of brunch dishes. Circa Basic Instinct. When she looked fantastic and almost fooled us into thinking she could act. One of the my favourite movies of all time btw. It had everything ..matching black and white lotus espirits ..an ice-pick wielding, super hot psychopath ..full frontal nudity ..like i said, everything.

I should have asked for a 3/4 flat white as it came in one of those huge cups. Although, not quite this large..

(..from a movie which, coincidentally, includes an axe wielding psychopath. Another one of my all time favourites. what?)
Which made it a little weak and milky for mine. But that was my fault. By all other reports the coffee is excellent here.

Where’s kitty ?

I was enjoying playing “Find Kitty”, however. On my way out I half expected to bump into him, stepping out of his trailer, reading a script. Catching him by surprise..
Me: “Are you reading a script ?”
Kitty: “No”
Me: “What’s that in your hand there?”
Kitty: “Oh! You mean this script ? Yes, well ..it’s like this..” *drops script and runs out of the courtyard*

I just missed him as he rounded the corner.

I saw this as I was leaving which seemed appropriate for some reason..

..stay on your mark.

Lowlands. Come for the cat. Stay for the cat. ..and the food. ..I think.

As usual, for an informative review that makes sense, try here.

923 High St
Thornbury, VIC 3071
03 9480 1635
Lowlands on Urbanspoon


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