Mina-no-ie | Epatant

There’s two words i bet you never thought you’d see in your lifetime. And yet here they are ..together. What do they mean ? I have no idea. I think it’s what you get when you cross a japanese cafe with a high-end mens accessories store.

The arrival of Mina-no-ie & Epatant on the corner of Peel St completes a triumvirate of cafes in Collingwood. Anchored by Proud Mary and South of Johnston, it forms what some idiot (possibly me) has coined “The Axis of Chinos”. A three block area in inner city Melbourne with the highest concentration of Hipsters this side of the Mission District. And here, in Peel St, I had stumbled across the Hive.
There was a queen in here somewhere ..I could feel it. Or maybe that was just the scruffy little homeless girl tugging on my hand to get my attention. “We’d better get back ’cause it will be mid-morning soon and they mostly come at Brunch ..mostly” she whispered.

Creepy shadows.. which, funnily enough was also my nickname in high school. *I don’t know what that means either*

Please ..kill ..me

If i can be serious here for a second. And i think i can. This place is actually quite nice. I don’t usually go for cavernous warehouse spaces, but this one manages to retain some intimacy somehow. It also has great natural light. Add sun streaming through the windows to practically any place and you’re more than half way there for me.
Plus, I’m a sucker for those Aesop bottles. I’m pretty sure they all contain the same thing. No-one really knows or cares as they just buy them because they look great sitting on the shelf in your bathroom.

..yes, I did have a problem with that cup.

I found the coffee here only average. I’d give it 6.5 on the DoS scale. The milk was overpowering. In this place, no-one should have cream. (ok, that one was possibly a bridge too far) The green tea, on the other hand, was excellent.

I think I’ll be back to visit Hipster-san. But I’ll need to work on my beard for awhile first ..to feel a little less like an alien. ..or is that a little more like one. I guess I am going back. ..it’s the only way to be sure.

Later that night as i sat down for a quiet dinner with my family..

33 Peel Street
Mina-no-ie on Urbanspoon


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