All’s Fair in this Foodstore

The Fair Foodstore can be found in Church Street, Richmond. ..the other end. It’s very similar in look and feel to Two Birds. (Another one of my favourites) Although possibly on a slighter smaller budget. They use the same cups, too.
So I immediately felt right at home. Granted, that was probably more due to the fact that they were playing Phil Collins greatest hits. ..hello? oh, you’re still here. ..the coffee ? a solid 8.5 on the DoS scale.

Sunlight. check.

..that’s the second biggest green macrame pot hanger i’ve ever seen

..there’s another hash hiding at the back

The Bacon Hash with peas and things was excellent. The dudes next to me were having the Golden Pancakes with pears, yoghurt and drunkin’ master raisins which looked even better. Still, everything else about this place was fair.. There was a bald guy with glasses sitting with his incredibly hot girlfriend. ..A girl with pink hair and a note book had finally found the courage to write her story*. And i got to sit in the north-west corner with a view of the door, windows and kitchen (I’m retarded). It also seemed to extend outside where an apartment was sold at auction within the quoted price range. Amazing. Let’s hope it keeps spreading.

*Note to the pink girl. Sorry for reading over your shoulder. Keep writing.

broadbeans and peas and things

The Fair Foodstore
135 Church Street, Richmond
The Fair Foodstore on Urbanspoon


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