Changing Gere

Not a Porsche, but still German. I’ve had a soft spot for the mercedes SL ever since Richard Gere drove one in American Gigolo. That was actually a 450 SL..

In fact, when i saw this movie recently ..and this scene in particular ..I thought someone had installed surveillance cameras in my bedroom..
..the same clock radio ..the same suits in all my favourite colours (beige, mid beige, dark beige ..grey) It was uncanny. And then scary. When I actually found surveillance cameras in my bedroom. But then i remembered i had installed them myself years ago to record my own documentary “Australian Gigolo – Call Me.. Mate” But after the clients dried up ..on day 1 ..through 467 (i gave it every chance) I decided to join the world of the real working stiffs.

Where was i going with this ? No idea. And clearly i never got there.

Less personal commentary ..more cars. Gotcha.


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