A Latin name meaning “voyager, traveller”.

I used to go to Twenty & Six Expresso in North Melbourne quite a lot when they first opened. But these days they don’t seem to want to find a spot for one person when they can squeeze in two…
ME: “Can you squeeze me in ?”
THEM: “I don’t think so”
ME: “It’s because I’m by myself, right ?”
THEM: “In a way, that’s the reason. But in a more accurate way, it’s because you’re not wearing any pants”
ME: “I can see two seats right there ! You’re going to give them to the couple that came in after me, aren’t you ?”
THEM: “Again, I need to point out..”
ME: “Unbelievable! I see.. once you get popular you’ve got no time for the old regulars”
THEM: “Nevertheless I’m going to have to ask you to lea..”
ME: “OK, OK.. I’m going”

It won’t be long before they’re so successful that they’re turning away groups of 3 or 4 as well. We’ll see who’s laughing then.

Anyway, nowadays I wander down the road to Beatrix.
Solid coffee. Amazing ciabatta rolls. And even better sweets…

Rhubarb and custard crumble. Great.

Banana cheesecake. Also, great.

strawberry pav

tropicana tart

Beatrix. Cute name. Cute place. Solo travellers welcome.

Nice pictures and a meaningful review here.

Beatrix on Urbanspoon
688 Queensberry St
North Melbourne


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