Hannibal, Dexter ..Norma

If you say that fast enough it almost sounds like Trinity..

Anyway… 2 serial killers walk into a bar..

Dexter: “I just don’t have the energy for this anymore”
Hannibal: “It shows”
Dexter: “Really ? Yeah, i guess it does”
Hannibal: “So why do you think you’re phoning it in this season?”
Dexter: “I’m not sure i’d go that f..”
Hannibal: “Dex.. c’mon.
Dexter: “OK maybe i am. But seven seasons of stalking and hacking people to pieces takes it’s toll. And, the pretending to be normal ..that’s the most tiring part.
Hannibal “Given, I’m only one season in but butchering someone, preparing a seven course meal for close friends, then killing them as well ..aaand cleaning up afterwards. ..you can’t get your maid to wash those dishes”
[..a loud sigh of exasperation from the end of the bar]
Norma: “Of all the bars, why do i have to walk into the one full of cry babies? Hannibal, do us all a favour… prepare us a sMorgan-board a la Dex. And then clear your appointment calendar for the next year as i’ve got someone who needs your undivided psychiatric attention.”

Let me start by saying that i’ve watched every episode of Dexter. Multiple times. And it’s quite possibly my favourite show of the last 10 years, if not all time. But, 5 eps into the last season it looks like Dex is clamping on the water ski’s.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on what’s wrong with season 8 ..and struggling somewhat. Possibly because it’s no doubt due to a number of factors. Not the least of which is probably me. Nevertheless, here goes.. I don’t think the performances are up to scratch. They almost seem rushed. I know they turned around this season quicker than usual so that probably didn’t help. The production values seem to have taken a hit as well. Possibly for the same reason. It’s almost like someone forgot to tell the production accountant that there was another season when he was writing the cheques for s7. Compare it to Hannibal which has to be the best looking show on tv anywhere right now, and the deficiencies are magnified. It even sounds like the music budget has been cut. I’m clutching now.

And some of the story lines seem to have been bolted on as more of a parting gift to the regular cast. eg Masuka and the long lost daughter. ..Quinn applying for sergeant. But worse than that there’s no real sense of anything happening ..no tension or impending danger ..for Dex ..or Deb. It’s almost as if with Deb losing her badge, Jennifer has lost touch with her character. And instead is just playing herself. Which is nice, but not really compelling television. She has gone from wanting to punch her own ticket (and Dex’s) to sunshine and frosty swirls in the blink of an eye.

As you can tell i’m a little frustrated with this final season so far. OK, a little too frustrated. But as with most fans of the show i’ve invested a lot of time in this series and so want it to end on a high note. At this point i’m basically willing it to improve each week. And with the imminent return of Hannah, a personal highlight from last season.. well, at this stage i’m not even sure that Hannah can turn this around. Here’s hoping..

Back to Hannibal ..which has renewed my faith in television. It looks stunning, is impeccably well acted. With inspired choices.. I’ve had a soft spot for Mads Mikkelsen since Casino Royale. And always great to see Gillian Anderson. You must watch this show.
And, Norma. Bates Motel must win best new drama. ..aaand comedy. This show literally has it all. A woman/mother who is desperately trying to start a new life. The life she thinks she deserves. It’s like she’s running a steeple chase with blinkers on. And the hurdles keep getting higher and higher.. The highway is about to be moved, by-passing the hotel she just bought. That sucks, but no problem for Norma, she’ll think of something. She gets raped and then kills a man in her kitchen ..in front of her son. Rape ? What rape ? “No-one can know about this, Norman. Who’s going to book a room in the rape/murder hotel ?” she says. Keep moving forward, Norma. She wants to win but we’ve seen the movie so we know how it all ends. But i’m taking every step of that journey with her.

And in a feeble attempt to link this post back to the so called purpose of this blog, here’s Norma’s beautiful old early seventies Mercedes..

"Careful, Mother!"

“Careful, Mother!”


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